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Hello, today I will go over some ideas that I think can help you with your fitness journey. Some topics in this article include Calisthenics, Weight training, Losing weight, Gaining Weight, Mindset, etc. Some of them can be simple ideas but could be very useful, especially since there is a point in our journey where we feel stuck with no results and we feel like we try everything and nothing works. This post is meant for everyone, it is for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced people in the fitness community. If you don’t understand something I wrote just comment below, or send me an e-mail, or a private message on Instagram. (all will be at the end of the article) If you’re an expert and I said something wrong or if I made a mistake please feel free to correct me. With that said, let’s get to it!

1. Resistance Training

Weight training

  • Train your muscles twice per week instead of once per week. (Source: Schoenfeld, B.J., Ogborn, D. & Krieger, J.W. Sports Med (2016) 46: 1689. )
  • -Focus on progressive overload. This means to not do the same weight every time or same repetitions or same rest periods. Focus on increasing the volume, for example, more repetitions, more weight over time or less rest time in between sets.
  • -Be specific. Have a goal of what you want to achieve. Do you want to achieve power, maximum strength, muscular hypertrophy? or could it be strength endurance? That is up to you or your sport but have a goal and train adequately for what YOU need/want. For example, working out in the 1-5 rep range would mean training for limit strength, 6-12 rep range would bring more of a hypertrophic result, and 15+ would be muscular endurance. Keep in mind that every rep range utilizes different energy pathways.
  • -Learn about energy pathways. There are mainly three pathways, them being Adenosine triphosphate/Creatine Phosphate (ATP/CP), glycolysis, and Oxidative pathway. To summarize this we can say that, ATP/CP is the most powerful but with the shortest duration which is used on heavyweights like a 1RM, next is the glycolytic pathway which is moderate power and medium duration which translates to a moderate rep range of weights, I would say like the 6-12 rep range. Finally, the oxidative pathway is the one that can last the most but it’s not as powerful as the other two which is essentially what you need for muscular endurance like 15+ repetitions.
  • -Take deloads. You should always take a period of time of rest or low intensity after you performed a period of training with high intensity. This is well explained by the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) principle


  • -Train the basics! I mean keep training the push-ups, dips, pull-ups, rows, squats, etc. Even if you start weight training don’t stop doing the basic calisthenic exercises. Usually, people tend to not do these basics after they start weight training and then they lose their strength on these moves. Especially if later on you want to get into skill work with calisthenics. It will be of big assistance if you’re already good with the basics.
  • Plan your training. Most people who dedicate to calisthenics usually don’t track their training or don’t really progress because they just go into a park and say “okay so now I will do some pull-ups or some push-ups and they never really track their workout. Like I said earlier, if you’re not progressively overloading, then you’re not growing or getting stronger. Start tracking your volume and try to increase training volume over time since that’s what makes the most difference in muscle building.  But also try harder progressions for exercises to keep progressively overloading.
  • Eat more! If you want to get bigger then you will have to increase the resistance of your exercises but since you’re only working with your bodyweight then if you eat more you will get heavier, therefore, increasing the resistance/intensity of bodyweight exercises. Eating more will actually make your body have more energy to produce more muscle mass so it helps if you’re skinny.
  • Eat less!  I know, I know I just said eat more on the previous tip but keep reading. For some of us that are pretty heavy or have some extra fat and want to start learning some advanced moves or skills on calisthenics then if we become lighter than that will help us achieve it faster since we are now dealing with less weight to do certain skills. If you have been training for a while then your relative strength will increase because you now your weight will be less.

2. Diet and Nutrition

Losing weight/body fat

  • Find an activity you love to do. So what I mean is that to make it easier for someone who is overweight or obese to lose their weight they should really find a physical activity that they enjoy. For example, running, cycling, dancing, playing sports like tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, anything you enjoy. This also will make their body not look overly skinny if their goal weight is too low. Usually, these activities would make your body build or retain muscle so that you don’t go from overly fat to overly skinny. This will make you look pretty fit. I would also encourage you to get into resistance training.
  • Start doing some kind of resistance training. This will help you keep the weight off and not rebound later like a lot of crash dieters do. This will also build muscle which will help your metabolism. Having more muscle means also being able to eat a little more without storing fat. This is, in my opinion, one of the best options for losing weight, looking and feeling healthier as well.
  • Be patient. Losing weight takes time and worthwhile habits take time to adapt to as well. Yes, you can lose weight fast, especially for obese people, it’s not hard for them to lose a lot of weight fast. The leaner you are the slower the process is because your body wants to keep the fat since there is already very little fat to begin with.
  • Pay attention to what you eat! Most diets out there tend to work because they actually make you pay attention to what you eat. Also, they usually promote eating more whole foods and discourage you from eating junk food such as fast food, sugary drinks, chips, etc. The only problem I see is that people who try these diets usually end up quitting the diet because they no longer had the willpower to keep eating in that same manner. It is super hard for most people to just stop eating junk food as it is highly addictive.

Gaining weight/Putting on muscle

  • Eat more! you’re probably thinking that is so obvious, but most people who think they eat a lot they actually don’t eat all that much. Which will lead to my next point.
  • Keep track of what you eat. You should always keep track of what you eat. I can say that some days I feel like I ate a lot but in reality, I ate the same amount of food that I would eat in a day. Always paying attention to what you eat and adjusting from there is what you need to do.
  • Start a resistance training program to get more muscle mass. Usually, exercise is an equalizer, it makes obese people get to a lower and healthier body fat percentage, as well as making a skinny dude put on more weight by putting on more muscle mass. Putting on muscle is good for both the overweight person and also the skinny person.
  • Make shakes or smoothies high in calories that you can drink as an extra other than just your regular meals. These extra calories will be easier to consume than eating another meal so it can be quite easy to do but also easy not to do. So that’s on you now.


So I just went over a lot of information, probably too much.  But to conclude this post I will leave you with a few tips on their own.

You don’t have to be obsessive with your nutrition or your training. To have a healthy body just make sure to eat nutritious whole foods, avoid such things like sugary drinks and processed foods as much as possible. Do cardiovascular activities, and do some kind of resistance training. Try to change your bad habits little by little into healthy ones.

Be sure to leave any questions or thoughts on the comment section or ask me privately on my email or my Instagram.


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