Reverse Pyramid and W Routines for Massive Gains in Calisthenics

Hello everyone! Today you will read about two routines that I have been doing lately. They are called reverse pyramid routine, and also the W routine which is just a reverse pyramid routine done twice.

Why these routines?

These routines are amazing because they help you get some more volume into your routine. With calisthenics, you only have your body weight as the resistance, so for that reason, you have to increase the volume of the exercises so that you can actually build more muscle. Volume is just the number of reps and/or sets that you do for the exercises.

How to do these routines

So to begin with, I will explain the reverse pyramid method first because once I do that, it will be easy for you to understand the W routine. Okay, let’s start!

Reverse Pyramid

The reverse pyramid routine is a very simple concept. You select a number of reps that you will do for a specific exercise like pull-ups. Let’s say the number is 5 so now you will do your first set of only 5 reps, now you rest for ten seconds and do the second set but now it will be 4 reps, after that you rest again ten seconds, third set you lower the number again, now it will be 3 in the set, you rest for another 10 seconds and so on until you get to 1 rep in a set. After that, you start to increase the number of reps in each set. So now on your next set you will do 2 reps, the one after that it will be 3, and then 4 and finally, you get to the number that you started with! Make sure to pick a number where you will be able to finish the routine.

W Routines

For the W routine you basically do the same thing except that instead of doing the reverse pyramid once, you have to do it twice. So it goes like this, you start the same way as a reverse pyramid. You pick a number you lower the number of reps by 1 until you reach 1 rep in the set, and then you go back up increasing 1 rep at a time until you get to the starting number of reps in a set. Now, here is what makes the W routine, you do that reverse pyramid again! This really is a great way to increase the total volume of reps and sets that you do. You still only have 10 seconds of rest between sets though so pick a number that you will be able to complete the routine.

Working out with a partner?

If you want to do this with a friend or a partner, you can just take turns. You start with one set, then your friend does the same amount of reps you just did, then you go one lower down, you take turns instead of waiting ten seconds you wait for your friend to finish his set. You can learn more about it on this video.

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