Tips on Nutrition and Training!

Hello, today I will go over some ideas that I think can help you with your fitness journey. Some topics in this article include Calisthenics, Weight training, Losing weight, Gaining Weight, Mindset, etc. Some of them can be simple ideas but could be very useful, especially since there is a point in our journey where we feel stuck with no results and we feel like we try everything and nothing works. This post is meant for everyone, it is for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced people in the fitness community. If you don’t understand something I wrote just comment below, or send me an e-mail, or a private message on Instagram. (all will be at the end of the article) If you’re an expert and I said something wrong or if I made a mistake please feel free to correct me. With that said, let’s get to it!
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Tips for Beginning Lifters and Calisthenic athletes

Welcome back to my blog! Today you will read about some useful tips that I have learned on my short time of being very physically active (Mostly calisthenics and cardiovascular exercises). I would say I have a decent amount of knowledge that could help you if you’re starting your fitness journey or if you’re more advanced. So let’s get started! Continue reading “Tips for Beginning Lifters and Calisthenic athletes”

Benefits of using a personal trampoline

Welcome to another post. Today we will be talking about personal trampolines and how they impact our health.  They are very cheap and incredibly useful. A few of the things I like about them include being able to use them when there is bad weather outside, or you just want to get some cardio done at home. It’s a good cardio workout that helps improve many things in our bodies. Continue reading “Benefits of using a personal trampoline”